'Plamya i Vino' is a high-end restaurant for people who appreciate authentic places with good food and high-quality service. Dishes cooked over an open fire and a glass of good wine are a calling card of this place.
The main idea of the restaurant is to recreate an atmosphere of primitiveness and bring back the times when people gathered around an open fire.
Plamya i Vino
[fire and wine]
Based on the concept, name and design we've created a calm and aesthetic corporate identity with the smart colors and accents. When creating the logo, we chose a serif font pairing with a graphic element that all together match the general mood - we are on the verge of the expensive classic and primal instincts.
The brand patterns we developed give the opportunity to add new elements and drawings using a graphic brush, which makes the identity dynamic.
brand identity
brand identity
brand identity
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